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My everydaylife #7: 3 weeks of no gluten and what I learned

Do you remember that I did 3 weeks of no gluten last year? In 2016 I took a spontaneous decision to skip everything that contained gluten. I did succeed in doing the 3 weeks (and almost made it to 4), but I didn’t succeed in making any conclusions about the experiment here on the blog before now. So here we go… And by the way, I have a new experiment that I have been doing that I can’t wait to share about very soon!

Going glutenfree definitely changed some of my thinking about gluten. I was very sceptical about all the positive things being said and written about avoiding the protein, and I still think that for most of us its more about the overconsumption of refined wheat products, such as white bread, white pasta, and the like, than gluten in it self. Gluten is not bad. Its the quantity and the kinds of foods that contains a lot of it that can be the less good choices. I must also admit to the fact that I experienced positive bodily changes during those 3 weeks. One thing I hadn’t even noticed, was the slight bloating that I obviously normally had, that just didn’t appear. Also I was more free from the bad headaches I experience once in awhile. My skin also really liked it. So I’m probably sensitive to gluten, though not at all allergic.

Foods that contain gluten are widely available and makes up a huge part of many peoples diets. I also consumed quite a lot of those foods before doing my experiment, and it opened my eyes to the reality of me not eating quite as varied a diet as I would actually like to eat. Doing experiments are cool in this way, because they can make us much more aware of our habits and in that they can offer us a limited time period to test out different ways of making choices.

Now, more than a few months later, I do consume foods with gluten again, but way less than ever before. It makes me fell better. Among other things I make sure that the oats I have at home are certified glutenfree and I almost only buy glutenfree bread nowadays. I have also found a couple of glutenfree bread-flour-mixes that makes it SO easy to bake glutenfree at home. All the pasta I buy are also glutenfree and quinoa has become even more of a favorite of mine. Sourdough breads made with wheat, spelt, or the like, are still favorites of mine too, and I also indulge in the occasional organic croissant. To my delight my favorite bakery-bought cake is (now, or maybe it has always been?) made with rice flour, and I just so happy about that! If you ever get the chance I can highly recommend getting the “mandelkræs” cake, a genius mix of, among other tasty things, toasted almonds and dark chocolate, from the 100% organic bakery at Frederiksborggade 29 in Copenhagen K. It’s situated very closely to Torvehallerne KBH. I enjoyed a very relaxing moment in the sun, with that cake plus a drip coffee from The Coffee Collective, this autumn.

What are your experiences with going glutenfree or making foods that contains the protein a smaller part of your diet?




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