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My everydaylife #8: maybe home is where the routines are?

Since 1st of January I have spend approximately 90 days, or about 3 months, away from my apartment, the place I call “home”. A quick Google search reveals that, as I am writing this, we are on day 170 of 2017, and when July arrives I will have spend more than half the year away from home. And all that traveling is not going to come to an end soon! Lots of fun adventures awaits me…

My time away has mostly been divided between Møn and Jutland, since Møn is where I have a lot of my work, and Jutland is where my closest family are. I have never lived my life like this before. To be fair, I have spend a lot of time in Jutland since I moved to Copenhagen in 2006, but I have never traveled for work before I made the decision to go freelance last summer. It has been fun and challenging, to say the least, and at the moment I am trying to make a decision about when to quit my apartment and where to move. Because all this traveling has also given me the opportunity to experience how it is to live with closer access to forests, oceans, and wild life, and I now know for sure that I want to live in a quieter, greener, and bluer place.

Being away from home so much I have found that I adapt so much quicker to my new surroundings by making up new routines right away. A few weeks back I spend almost two weeks in a colleges house, close to the sea, and every morning before biking to work (that started at 6!), I would get up early and walk to the water, spending some time just sitting there, or going in for a quick swim. My walk there was filled with bird song and I got the chance to instantly connect with the weather of the day. One morning I even enjoyed the sound and sight of a deer buck that I startled. I really liked the quite. I really liked the feeling of being kind of “alone in the world”, not having any second thoughts about going into the water naked, just as I was born.

This morning routine set the tone for the day: I helped me “stay quite” inside, almost all the time, even though the pressure was on as I was in charge of cooking and serving food for 140+ people who were all there to spend time with a high-profile spiritual leader. Yes…I have found that routines help me fell at home in myself and with myself. I have found that when I take time to be quite, to breath deeply in order to open up to what really is, I can truly and always acces a calm, quite, and contend place inside of me. For many years I would get sick when I travelled. I would not be able to sleep well, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a crazy fewer, and oh my I have spend quite a few nights lying on cool bathroom floors “praying for my life”, feeling like shit. I would feel anxious, worried, and I would obsessively count down the days until I was finally “home” again.

2017 has been filled with opportunities for me to practice feeling at home wherever I go – and in me. With me. As it is right now, I feel that “home” is not a place. To me, being home is feeling happy, relaxed, safe, content, rested, hydrated, loved… And short story long: routines really help me access all of that.

BWT: Are you joining me, Marcus, and Benjamin on one of my summer’s biggest adventures? We will spend a week in the very beginning of July, in a forest in Jutland (with a lake in it!), with no wi-fi, clocks, phones, or other electronics. Movement, connecting, connection, and rest will be in focus. I will be cooking the food! And I am sure that Marcus will spoil us all with some amazing tea too (yes, it is “that” Marcus). You can read more about the “Retreat to the Wild” RIGHT HERE! I hope to see you there.  


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