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What Inspires Here and Now: plant-based “butter”, Katy Bowman, and sustainable candles

Welcome to yet another Friday-post about stuff that inspires me!

PLANT-BASED BUTTER: I LOVE the taste of butter. And it has been one of the main reasons why I’m not eating 100% vegan all the time. So after having heard about a new product being developed that was supposed to taste just like butter, I was extra excited to go shopping when I knew that it had finally hid the shelves. The plant-based butter product ‘Smørbar’ by NATURLI’ certainly did NOT disappoint and I can highly recommend that you check it out if you too love the taste of butter (Smørbar can be translated to “spreadable”). Since it’s made of plants the percentage of saturated fats is lower than in cows milks butter and therefore the mouthfeel is a little different – it also melts in a different way. If you are used to KÆRGÅRDEN you will probably not even be able to tell the difference though…

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you tried “Smørbar” and how did you find it?

KATY BOWMAN: I’ve been in full-blown geek-mode since I discovered biomechanist and movement ecologist Katy Bowman and her nutritious and natural movement approach. Apart from binging her podcast ‘Katy Says’, reading one of her many, many books (‘Movement Matters’), following her on Instagram and Facebook, I also started transitioning from sleeping on a thick, springy mattress to a 4 cm organic cotton futon (I bought the “Yogamadras – 100% økologisk” one – on sale, as it still is), as well as (and among other thing) I started spending way less time on chairs. This is a subject I will go into more detail about on this blog later on, since I’m very fascinated by how the different aspects of living a “natural” lifestyle of eating whole foods, wearing sustainable clothing, moving a more natural way etc. are interlinked. A HUGE thank you to Katy for so excellently communication and educating me about this subject and for doing so in such a kind, gentle, funny, and informative way.

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: How are you sleeping? 

(MORE) SUSTAINABLE CANDLES: When ever I visit my favorite danish health food store REN KOST & KROP I discover some new, cool, and relevant healthy-thing that I just have to try. Lately I’ve been very interested in finding alternatives to “regular” candles and tealights because of the bad rap they have been getting, and off course this favorite store of mine had several new brands of soy and beeswax candles, entirely new to me. I’ve been enjoying cute Christmas tree candles made from beeswax from BISTAD, soy candles in beautiful brown glass containers from ÅBENLYS, and soy tealights in plastic cups from BY RANSBORG.

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you found other brands of (more) sustainable candles in Denmark and/or online?

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend.


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